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Cover of Teen Great Looks Fall '82

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Cover Of Boston Proper

Shape, January 1994

Nadia Comaneci  Olympic gold medalist, Shape Jun. '93

Michelle KwanIn Carushka Top on the Cover of Sports Illustrated , Jan. '01

Some of our Favorites

Olympic Gold Medalist Sherri Howard In our Mesh Leotard

Gloria Steinem in our New York Pants

Cover of Fit Magazine Jan. '83

Cover of Shape With Cybill Shepherd Apr. 1984

 Cover of Shape with Connie Sellecca February 1983

Movieline, July 14th, 1989

As seen worn by Mary Stewart

Los Angeles Times, January 23, '83

Cover of Shape with Kathy Ireland Nov. 1996

Shape Magazine, Febuary 1994

Cover of Shape with Heather Locklear, Sept. 1984

Margot Kidder wearing Carushka Bodywear with Body By Jake SportStyle, April '83

Muscle & Fitness, May 1998

Wearing Carushka Bodywear

Cover of Shape Magazine, August 1996

Cover and featured in Los Angeles Health & Fitness with Kiana Tom, Winter '98


On the Cover

Kate Moss in our Capri Tights, Harper's Bazaar, Jun. '97

Cover of Shape Magazine, July 1991

Gabby Reece in Carushka Bodywear on the Cover of Shape Magazine with , Jan. 1993 

 Cynthia Geary on the cover of New Body, December '92

Carmen Electra in Carushka Bodywear On the Cover of Muscle & Fitness, Feb. '99 


American Fitness, March/April '90, 

Sandahl Bergman is wearing classic Carushka leggings for the cover.

As seen  in...

Cover of Shape Magazine, April 1992

Gabby Reece in Carushka Bodywear on the cover of Fitness Magazine, Aug. '93

Sales/ Showroom

Industry and Trade Service
Internal Distribution

On the Cover Of Lady Fitness in Poland, Jun. '95

Kathy Smith in Carushka Bodywear on the cover of Syber Vision Holiday Edition

On the cover cover of Living Fit Jun. '98

John Travolta in His Travolta By Carushka line. Rolling Stone, Aug. '83

Karen Voight, Founder Voight Fitness. As Seen in Shape, Jun '92

 On the cover of Health Magazine Nov/Dec '96